How to read an academic text?

How to read an academic text is an important issue to become familiar with an academic world.
An academic reading skills are important part of your academic life. Learn, how to read for academic purposes?

Strategies to critically read academic texts. (PDF) Academic skills center can be a helpful page for you.

There are some clear strategies how to read them. Often students are a little bit confused: what I can't understand anything! 
It is like on the site: How to read an academic article, says:

Key point number 1: academic articles cannot be read effectively in the same way as a short story, a novel or a newspaper report. 

The second rule is by adopting an appropriate approach to reading an academic article, you can identity the structure of the author's argument both efficiently and effectively. 

And the third one is: reading an academic article is a skilful practice; that is, you get better at it the more that you do it - but only if you practice effectively. So learning by doing is only way to become better reader or author.

On this blog are some texts about academic writing:

Beckey Rosenberg (University of Washington) also writes: How to write an academic text?

 On Massey University Web sites there is a clear instructions about: How to read academic texts?

University on Canberra pay attention to reading and remembering 
Yes sure. Remembering what you have read is  really important. "One of the basic principles of memory is that the quality of memory is related to the quality of your interaction with what you are trying to remember. If you have organised, dissected, questioned, reviewed and assessed the material you are reading, it will sit more firmly in your memory. " Read more on the website.

Writing for is an interesting site. 

Jeff Dunn has write a conclusion about our topic

How to read an academic article.

How to read & understand a scholarly academic journal article?

How to read articles in academic or scholar  journals?

  William Spaniel writes on his blog about this topic:  How to read academic article?

Well and for that it wouldn't be too easy there are rules how to read an academic articles from different point of views. Here is Social Science Version
 Sociology often offers a good instructions. Here is one.

How to read an academic article (SlideShare version a very creative version-become familiar with this)