Family Business

Source: Taguiri and Davis
Family Business System

“For the family-owned business, good governance makes all the difference. Family firms with effective governance practices are more likely to do strategic planning and to do succession planning. On average, they grow faster and live longer.” Professor John L. Ward.

Family Business

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Sir Adrian Cadbury (2000).  Family Firms and their Governance Creating Tomorrow’s Company from Today’s. (PDF)

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Family Business Expert


By Nick Narlis: Is Your Family Fit to Run the Family Business? Check your emotions at the door before turning your company over to the next generation.

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Becoming an Henokien is a long way. There are not very many companies on the world that achieve at least 200 years and can become a member of this association.





Family business in Saudi Arabia make up 25 % to GDP

Defining the Family Business by Behavior


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