Do not depend on your supervisor

Kuva Margit Mannila

"Do not depend on your supervisor finding your background reading for you,because you may end up adopting this lazy approach throughout the durationof your dissertation. You might think it is a great idea to find such a helpfulsupervisor, but there is a major flaw with this approach. When you finallysubmit your work and it is marked by your tutor, you will lose marks forshowing a lack of independence. Therefore, if you are interested in not justmerely passing your dissertation, but gaining good marks, then avoid thehabit of depending on your supervisor for material. That is not to say thatyour supervisor cannot advise you on the relevance of your material orattempt to guide you in the right direction by, on occasion, referring you topertinent articles/reports, etc. To avoid confusion over the degree of help thatis expected, supervisors need to set parameters and enforce them quickly."
 Biggam 2008, 26. 

Biggam, J. (2008). Succeeding with Your Master’s Dissertation. (21.8.2019).