Social Media and Small Business Marketing

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Social Media and Small Business

Social Media is a hot topic today. It's said that it is essential to be there. But is it really? It is and it's not. It up to your target group.

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Carton, S. (2009). A Social Media Strategy Checklist Sean has some good points, like: "What will we do to encourage participation? There's nothing more embarrassing than going to a corporate YouTube channel and seeing that the viral video it spent tons of money making has just 127 views. Ditto for going to a company's Twitter feed and seeing that it has all of 11 followers. What are you planning to do to drive people to your social media presence? And do you have the money to do it?"

Country Branding and Tourism


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Hodgson, M. (2008). Social Media Strategy-do I blog first or last? (Blog)  Matthew Hodgson says:
 "Your own blogs can help you to establish your own communities, but you probably want to do it at the same time as you engage in a range of other activities in other communities that will enable you to:
  1. Share ‘stuff’ with others in the online spaces where they already gather — whether its photos on Flickr, bookmarks on Delicious, or video on YouTube
  2. Build relationships with those you share ‘stuff’ with
  3. Have conversations with the right people in the places they feel safest to communicate — like on Twitter or on other’s blogs
  4. Support groups and communities of practice"


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The business of tourism management

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