Entrepreneurial potential

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 Is there a "golden age" for Entrepreneurship In the Middle East? Demystifying the age debate.

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Entrepreneurial personality test

Entrepreneurial potential model (SS)

Entrepreneurial potential and experience project 

Entrepreneurial potential report for prof. David Hall. (PDF)

Galloway, L., Kelly, S. & Keogh, W. (2006). Identifying entrepreneurial potential in students. Working paper. School of Management and Languages, Heriot-Watt University (PDF)

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How many successful entrepreneurs would fail in IQ-tests?

Karen, E. Hamilton (2001) Assessing entrepreneur potential (link)

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 Philanthropy White Paper 01.Strategic Philanthropy. Unlocking Entrepreneurial Potential.

Schamm, C. (2011). We are missing half of our entrepreneurial potential. (link)

Teen entrepreneur 

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