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"Managing Your Development and Career provides an overview of different steps in the career planning process including self-assessment, researching organizational opportunities, networking, and development planning. It offers employees a structured process to identify values, skills, interests, and other work motivators. It explores multiple career strategies and sets the foundation for creating action plans." (Source:

Entrepreneurial behaviour includes in career planning. "We have explicitly linked entrepreneurship to the capability for exploiting successfully innovative ideas in a commercially competitive market. Leaving to one side the fact that individuals working in the public and non-profit sectors can be very enterprising, in historic and policy making terms entrepreneurship refers to business behaviour related to innovation and growth." (Source: Learning space)

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Don't Forget your Personality

Even if you come to the conclusion that you have the skills and education to do something, you still need to keep in mind that it might not fit your personality. For example, a computer expert who has miserable social skills probably wouldn't be happy working as a consultant.
Ask yourself the following questions:
  • What are your main personality traits? Even small preferences can make a big difference.
  • How do they manifest themselves? (recall examples)
  • How do you like to work, and what with?
  • How do you filter information?
  • How do you react in different situations - with a customer, with a group, at a lecture?
  • How has your personality changed over time?
  • What parts of it could you develop further?
  • What sets you apart from others?
  • What positions does your natural behavior fit the best?
  • What kind of roles are you comfortable assuming? (leader, listener, expert...)
  • How do your values affect your options? (A GNU programmer would be unlikely to accept a job writing proprietary software, for example.)
  • What career and tasks can you objectively say you'd be best at? Why? (Aarresaari)
5 popular career planning tools (CV-Tips)

Bliss Analysis-Career Planning Tool

Careers advice: Plan your career

Career planning 

Career planning tools

Career planning tools (Australia Training and Workforce Development )

Career planning tools ()

Career planning tools (Academic Advising)

Career plan 

Entrepreneurial Spirit (Video, lasting 14 minutes)

What's career?

How to make the best use of this guide?

My Career quizzes

World of work map 

Career planning handbook ( Stanford University)

Career services at Princenton University

Personality Type and Career Choice

Self Assessment

Self Assessment Tools   (Your skills, interests, personality, and values play an important role in your career choice.)

Strategic Planning of Talent

Spring Abroad - online career planning information service 

Using a SWOT Analysis in Your Career Planning  by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., and Katharine Hansen, Ph.D.
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Building an effective requirements plan

Requirements management plan

What is a Requirements Management Plan?

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