A History of Entrepreneurship

A Brief History of Entrepreneurship some links about entrepreneurship on this blog. Nowadays entrepreneurship is a popular subject among students of business as well as among management scholars and researchers.(Nagarajan 2009) E.g. Lashan Clarke (Edited by Michele McDonough 2011) writes about  history of entrepreneurship.

According Margaret Miller Hirsch, Peter and Shepherd revealed that first entrepreneur definition took Marco Polo as an example of an upcoming entrepreneur who made the greatest attempt of establishing the trade routes. The strategy, Marco Polo followed, was that he made a contract with a good and dependable venture capitalist on a 25% - 75% basis to get his ventures financed. (Margaret Miller: History of entrepreneurship)

  As known, the term  entrepreneurship can be traced back to as early as the Middle Ages,when the  entrepreneur   was  simply someone  who carried  out  tasks, such as buildings  and construction projects by applying all the resources at his disposal. However, it was during the16th century when business  was used as a common term, and the  entrepreneur came into focus as a person who is responsible for undertaking a business venture. In the 18th century,early economists, for instance one known as Richard  Cantillon, added  that  an entrepreneur bears risk as part  of  his work  definition.(History of  Entrepreneurship)

J. Gregory Dees & Miriam and Peter Haas (1998) wrote paper  "The Meaning of "Social Entrepreneurship" (PDF)

The history of entrepreneurship at HBS.   

A short  history of  entrepreneurship