Research, research, research

Research, research problem/question, research design, research method, theory... Words that make a student really nervous. Researching is lovey job but it means that you really do understand what you are going to do. You have maybe heard that the research question is the most important part of you study and I can say that it really is. It is counseling all that you do.

I collected here some helpful links for you.  To find the right academic conversation means that you have to read a lot round your research topic.

A good link for the topic: How to write a research question? Please read this before getting started.


University of  Southern California offers some information about research design also global impact study has one picture about this topic.

Research Design Davao Institute for Educational Research Development & Consultancy

How to write your thesis?

"Novice researchers are often daunted by doing a literature search. The amount of publications is overwhelming. Every single publication found leads to new literature references. Some of these detail only one aspect of your research problem, but since you are not sure yet what you are going to study you cannot find out how much detail you will need for a certain topic. This is a chicken and egg scenario. There are good books available to help you through this phase, such as Fink (2004)." Source: Research design (PDF)

van Wyk, B. Research design and methods. Part I. (PDF) 

Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper  A really good guideline.

 Research questions and Hypotheses  (A good chapter)

Research Question

Research Question (a good page by Rodger Marion Ph.D.)

The relationship between the research question, hypotheses, specific aims and long-term goals of the project

How to write a research proposal? A clear guideline. An other good page about the topic: how to write a research proposal?

Introduction to research 

Research proposal, University of Cambridge

Ph.D. research proposal 

 Ph.D. Proposal instructions

Remember: You have to understand yourself what research really is. Your teacher can just give you some material that is maybe helpful within your process but (s)he cannot understands or does the  process behalf you.

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