Country Risk Map

Country Risk Maps

2012 Aon's Political Risk Map: 2 upgrades and 3 downgrades for the CEE&CIS countries

More countries saw reductions in political risk than increases for 2016, according to Aon P.L.C.'s Political Risk Map 2016, writes Sarah Veysey (2016) on her article Annual Aon map shows global reduction in political risk. (22.2.2017)

Contry Risk Map 2013


Political Risk Map 2015

Source (22.2.2017)

RiskNet. Growing political risk in the year ahead and beyond. (22.2.2017)

Dangerous Countries

Article: Article is from year 2008 

EH Country Risk Map

Article:   Country risk levels 2012

Corruption perceptions index 2012

Article: Transparency International


Farlige state index  (22.2.2017) the text is worth to become familiar.

Source: (22.2.2017).

Global risks in terms of likehood and in terms of impact 2007-2014.

Source: Global risks. Part 1: Global Risks 2014: Understanding Systemic Risks in a Changing Global EnvironmentWorld Economic Forum.  (22.2.2017).

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