Von Thünen Model for Use of Land II

Von Thünen Model for Use of Land I  was posted on  year 2008 on this blog.
Let's call this Von Thünen Model for Use of Land II

Agropolis – Petropolis – Ecopolis

This is called Burgess - Urban Structure - Concentric Zone Model: Ernest Burgess based his city model on 1920's Chicago. In this model, the city grows out from the CBD in a ring patter. (Source:Models To Know) But I however think that von Thünen Model for Use of Land is the original reference behind this model.

https://aphug.wikispaces.com/file/view/burgess.png/72462705/burgess.png Source:https://aphug.wikispaces.com/file/view/burgess.png/72462705/burgess.png
Models To Know

Creating regenerative Cities by Herbert Girardet is an interesting article. (5.3.2015) This article describes
Metropolitan Adelaide, with a population of over a million people, has become a global leader in initiating regenerative urban development:

Efficient use of energy
  • Make efficient energy use by all sectors a key focus of urban planning and management
  • Modify building codes to make resource-efficient building practice the norm
  • Create energy sufficiency standards to limit per capita energy consumption
"Solar city" development
  • Introduce feed-in tariffs for renewable energy, enabling owners to sell electricity to the grid at preferential rates
  • Support renewable energy development as an important new manufacturing industry
Water security
  • "Waterproof" cities by encouraging water efficiency and rainwater collection in households and businesses
  • Make wastewater recycling and reuse a central plank of water policy
Zero waste
  • Develop new industries for processing organic wastes into soil-enhancing materials
  • Implement policies for the cost-effective reprocessing of all technical wastes
  • Use zero-waste policy to create new green businesses and jobs
Local food
  • Encourage local peri-urban food production for local markets
  • Encourage farmers’ markets and community-supported agriculture
Sustainable transport
  • Create new pedestrian zones wherever possible
  • Create a comprehensive network of dedicated cycle lanes across cities
  • Encourage public transport by improving its attractiveness, frequency, and flexibility
  • Stimulate development of new electric- and fuel-cell vehicle technology 
  • Encourage car-sharing as a key feature of urban transport
Nature and the city
  • Encourage tree planting for biodiversity and soil erosion control in and around the city
  • Make carbon sequestration a key aspect of peri-urban tree planting
  • Develop initiatives to help restore forests in remoter areas
Green business
  • Boost green business by effective use of government procurement
  • Encourage resource efficiency in all businesses
  • Create “green business incubators” across the city
A culture of restorative urbanization
  • Ensure that it is addressed through education, the media, and public events
  • Ensure that all citizens have a stake in restorative development
  • Produce regular reports on implementation of eco-restoration policies and practices  (Source: Girardet Creating regenerative Cities)

http://image.slidesharecdn.com/vonthunenagriculturallanduse-121018222325-phpapp01/95/von-thunenagriculturallanduse-6-638.jpg?cb=1350617427 Source: http://image.slidesharecdn.com/vonthunenagriculturallanduse-121018222325-phpapp01/95/von-thunenagriculturallanduse-6-638.jpg?cb=1350617427
Text: By Carol Peters    (5.3.2015)


Source:  http://www.rri.wvu.edu/WebBook/Briassoulis/figure4.2r.jpg (5.3.2015)
The web book of regional science (5.3.2015) This source is really very interesting about this topic!


Source: http://mail.rsgc.on.ca/~mbader/CGU4U/018E9CBE-00757E56.4/130323_44750_0.gif (5.3.2015)


Source:  http://i.ytimg.com/vi/N8mkG0tBnPk/maxresdefault.jpg (5.3.2015)
Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8mkG0tBnPk  (5.3.2015)


Source: http://wps.prenhall.com/wps/media/objects/1331/1363343/fg10_13.gif (5.3.2015)
Text: (5.3.20115)

Source: http://www.mygeo.info/skripte/skript_bevoelkerung_siedlung/images/lanu16.gif (5.3.2015)

Text: http://www.mygeo.info/skripte/skript_bevoelkerung_siedlung/lanu1.htm (5.3.2015)