Debitor or a creditor can be filed the bankruptcy application

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Debitor or a creditor can be filed the bankruptcy application.

Some words about bankruptcy application
An application for bankruptcy is filed with the district court. The application can be filed by the debtor or a creditor.
The written application must include:
  • a petition for the declaration of bankruptcy and its grounds,
  • the personal details of the debtor and
  • the contact information of the applicant or their representative.
If the bankruptcy application is filed by the debtor, it must be accompanied by a list of the major creditors and their contact information, as well as a general account of the assets and the amount of debts. In addition, a decision on filing for bankruptcy is required from the competent body of the company (for example, the board of directors of a limited liability company).
The court must notify the creditor of a bankruptcy application filed by the debtor, and must reserve the creditor an opportunity to present a written statement on the matter. (YritysSuomi/Bankruptcy application, 10.5.2016.)

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