Social Media Ecosystem

 Ecosystems are really an interesting topic. I used Bronfenbrenner's Ecological theory in my dissertation and this model still interestes me a lot.  Social Media Ecosystem is even more interesting topic.

(Social media in China)

Dave Fleet argues about: Strategies In The 2010 Social Media Marketing Ecosystem. He says that the key points are:
  • The lines have truly blurred. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to draw a line between different forms of communications, especially when considering the online space.
  • Successful communications programs need to integrate owned, earned and paid media to achieve their goals.
  • Two-way communication is increasing. Wherever you look, previously one-way information flows are becoming two-way. Mainstream media feed off social media while also driving it. Advertising drives attention but also content strategies.(read the text via link above)

Perkins, B.(2012). Managing your Social Media Ecosystem. (Blog)

The history of social media and social media ecosystem (Blog)

Read also the text on: Social media ecosystem when business lives among the people

The Social Media Brandsphere is a handy tool that breaks down the division of media opportunities for marketing professionals. The Social media brandsphere (text)
(look at pictures!)

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The 2010 Social media marketing ecosystem (Dave Fleet)

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