Lahjakkaiden naisten huijarisyndooma Impostor syndrome

Yle-puhe lähetti mielenkiintoisen ohjelman lahjakkaiden naisten huijarisyndoomasta. Huijarisyndooma syntyyn lienee usemapi syy. Asiaa on tutkittu ja tuloksiakin on luonnollisesti saatu. Yhtenä juonteena nähdään mm.  narsismi. KarylMcBriden teos "Enkö koskaan ole tarpeeksi hyvä?" (Will I Ever Be Good Enough?)

Some links also in English about Impostor syndrome  (Wikipedia)
Do you have the imposter syndrome? asks Judith S. Beck on her article. 

Andrea Zellner writes about Banishing Impostor Syndrome. She is getting started like that :
"Soon they will all know the truth that I am an idiot and don’t belong here." This kind of thinking is said to be very typical for the people who are.

Read the story: by Joyce E. A. Russell: Don't fall prey to "Imposter Syndrome".

Academic Imposter syndrome 

Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne Imes are writting a text by title: The imposter phenomenon in High Achieving women:Dynamics and Therapeutic Intervention. (PDF

Nancy Ancowitz writes on Psychology Today by title Managing your Impostor Syndrome
Shyane Siriwardena: On Impostor Syndrome

Kathy Writes under title: Beating Imposter Syndrome

It is a problem of fit or imposter syndrome
Megan Fork: Impostor syndrome and feeling stupid. This blog contains good links.

An Academic With Imposter Syndrome Careers First Person Illustration By Joseph Kasper

 Read also: The Ugly Duckling or the Imposter Syndrome and Womens.

The Ugly Duckling (Wikipedia)

The Ugly Duckling by H.C. Andersen

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