Lease agreement

Lessor - one that lets property (or other) under a lease.
Lease - 1. a. A contract granting use or occupation of property during a specified period in exchange for a specified rent.
b. The term or duration of such a contract.
2. Property used or occupied under the terms of such a contract. leased, leas·ing, leas·es 1. To grant use or occupation of under the terms of a contract.
2. To get or hold by such a contract.
leaseholder, tenant, lodger, renter - a tenant under a lease.
lease·hold  (lēs′hōld′)n.1. The fact or condition of holding property by lease.
2. Property held by lease.
A lease agreement shall indicate:
- the name of the leassor, his perosnal identity code or Business ID, address, telephone and bank account number
- the name of the tenant, his personal identity code or business ID, address and telephone
- the facility beaing leased: number of the apartment, address, floor area and purpose of use (a floor plan be appended to the agreement)
- the lease periord, fixed term (duration of the fixes term) or valid until further notide; date of commencement, period of notice and first date for giving notice.
- rent and other payments: amount of the rent, date of payment and bank account information as well as interest of arrears, water, electricity and other charges payable by the tenant; tho whom and when they are paid
raising of the rent: the rent is tied to an index (for example cost-of-living index), other basis of the raise
any advance rent for one or more lease month
security and its value (e.g. bank deposit)
-passing of possession of the facilities if the facilities are not transferred to the possession of the tenant immediately
other terms such as:
- management of the
leased permises
-changes in or other renovation of the premises
measures relation to the termination of the lease agreement
- use of joint facilities
place and date
Signature of the tenant
signature of the lessor
list of appendices (Source: Establishing and doing Business in Finland, Edita)