The power of the crowd

Kuvat Margit Mannila

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 Read also the text on the Internet by title: Social Influence: The Power of the Group in Affecting your Beahaviour and Actions.

“We view a behavior as more correct in a given situation to the degree
that we see others performing it.” 
~Robert Cialdini

The power of the crowd is an interesting topic. Simon Scheider writes on his article that the Crowd is a powerful force in philanthropy, and can be even more so in the future if it is imaginatively embraced by forward-thinking philanthropists. Tim Leberecht writes under title the power of crowd, revisited, that interestingly, the power of the crowd has not translated yet into the one realm whose decisions have arguably the biggest power to impact the crowd: politics.

On Wikipedia about this topic is written by titles The Wisdom of Crowds and Crowdsourcing.

James Surowiecki (he is a finance journalist) has argued about the power of crowds. His point of view is that the power and danger of online crowds. (Become familiar also to his book named the Wisdom of Crowds at Amazon)  As an old phaes "Fire is a good servant but a bad master" has show us. "Fire" can be what ever that we use or handle e.g. social media. 

Robet Kaplan writes about the Power of Crowds. He use current Ukraine crisis as an example.

The power of crowds: why should we listen