Challenges for a young entrepreneur

Maybe you are interesting in what kind of challenges you meet as a young entrepreneur. Maybe you are going to start your business when you are under 30. This page can be beneficial for you. It is said that: " It is essential to have a realistic, working business plan when you're starting up a business." (link) But the even more important is to understand that the first business plan is more like a project plan that helps you keep the right things in your mind.

Read a practical entrepreneurial story: Aaron Patzer: How I Started
 or become familiar how the young entrepreneur's generation gap challenge. There is only three simple advises: hold your ground, don't waste your time, bring gray-haired backup. Of course you find out 10 or 100 tips lists how to success as a young entrepreneur.  Often the first tip is that do what you love. The tip is good. When you do have a fire inside you'll success! Have a target. So the rule number two is that you should really know what you want to. Then you should be radical but however follow the rules (paying taxes, bills...). Time. Manage your time. It is said that the Time Management at Work Often Decides the Winners and Losers. So don't underestimate this point of view.

If you are still a student, don't hesitate to ask for your teachers. Maybe we are old, simple and stupid, but we are your teachers and maybe we usually know a little more about the topic we do teach to you. If you do feel, I'm sorry to say this in voice, that you didn't learn anything in your class or you soon can all, you should know about the topic, maybe you don't yet understand how little you know about the topic.

Find a mentor. (S)he can be a retirement entrepreneur. Exploit online resources. The Internet is not only games, movies and fun. We elder people use this excellent tool for searching useful links. Be also good to yourself and check your mentality.

Challenges that young entrepreneurs face are according this link e.g. such as: stereotypes of being young, educational responsibilities, others will criticize you and opening accounts with suppliers may not be easy.

But When You Can't Go Big, Go Niche
Look at what is said in this written document Richard Branson on Fighting to Win in Established Markets

Flick of Fate
Entrepreneur scores with low-tech game in high-tech world.

Hmmmm.... it is said that (s)he needs a lot of skills...
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10 myths about entrepreneurship (A good video- University of St. Gallen)

What is the entrepreneurial method? (Video: "entrepreneurial cooking" Professor Saras Sarasvathy University of Virgina)

What Entrepreneur  really is? It is still a good question. And it is not easy answer to.  Maybe there is not only one right answer to this question. But I'm sure that entrepreneurs can teach us a lot of different things as well as attitude.