But we've always done it this way

A little bit complicated, in (a business) life,...is that "great" attitude: but we've always done it this way... Read what Debroah  Corn writes about this under title: "Taking Control of the Phrase: But We've Always done It This Way" She writes e.g. "When you look around your business, whether you’re the owner or not, I bet you can find many processes that are done “because they’ve always been done that way.”  People have a very high need of security. Maybe that is one reason for why we do prefer the way we've always done even we should  do something totally different way.

Let's think for e.g. partnerships when they do fail. What happened usually? (S)he runs to the new partnership as soon as possible to show the former one that my life is still running well. What happened after the first few months when "the falling in love-feelings" are end up? 
Yes, indeed. The situation is exactly the same it have always been. Should it be? No. I'm sure that you were searching for totally different way to live and love. But unfortunately  it is however so easy to repeat your basic mistakes.