Ocean Strategies: Black, Green and Grey Ocean Strategies

Green Ocean strategy is greated by Red and Blue Ocean strategy.

The authors argue that most companies develop strategic plans based on what they are going to do relative to their competitors. Defining yourself in comparison to the competition involves you in what they call a red ocean (i.e., a blood bath).
To find a blue ocean (without competition), you will want to think about the non-customers for your product or service and how to adjust it to meet their needs.
To do this, you need to decide what you are going to:
  • Eliminate (don't compete in this space)
  • Reduce
  • Raise (e.g., price for the new capabilities)
  • Create (new market space) (Link 8.4.2016)

Source http://image.slidesharecdn.com/greenoceanstrategy-110901163655-phpapp02/95/green-ocean-strategy-4-728.jpg?cb=1314895080 (8.4.2016).


Grey Ocean Strategy  (8.4.2016).

Keehner wrotes about the psychology of aging is the fundament of a Grey Ocean Strategy. We will describe the major changes that occur emotionally and cognitively when aging, leading to the seven soft spots of aging. Insights from scientific studies on aging will be synthesized and applied to real life to create, spread and realize the right value proposition for the mature consumer.

The main question on this field is How do we develop successful strategies to exploit the opportunities of aging as a key force driving change?

The firms operate in a socially responsible and environmentally conscious world, and the management has to consider both the environment and the firm’s sustainability when formulating strategies. This means that the Green Ocean strategy should be the main strategy of the firm.
- M.R. Ahmed 2015

Strategy Canavas


Competitve Analysis Heat Map (8.4.2016)


Assesment Heat Map (8.4.2016)

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