Action Learning

 Kuvat Margit Mannila

Action learning is a learning and problem-solving strategy for organizations, whether commercial, government or non-profit. Action Learning  (18.3.2016). 

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Picture  The professional learning process.

The importance of evidence

The diagram below captures the PL process and the place of evidence within it. When you engage in self evaluation and reflect on your practice, your professional learning (plans for or impact of), or your pupils' learning it should be informed by some form of evidence. The following questions are an important part of this process:
  • Why am I doing what I am doing?
  • How do I know this is important/ worthwhile?
  • What difference is it making?
  • How do I know?

Source: Action learning cycle.

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Reg Revans (1907-2003) was the founder of the action learnin idea. He always attributed the essence of it to ancient wisdom.

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