Great Idea - Average Team

 Kuvat Margit Mannila

Kuvan lähde (23.3.2017).

Erittäin mielenkiintoinen artikkeli HBR:ssä, jossa sanottiin mm. "We did find, however, that intangible resources helped to reduce the likelihood that downsizing firms would declare bankruptcy. Intangible resources can be redeployed in unique and perhaps innovative ways following downsizing. For example, existing employee knowledge can be utilized to revamp processes that have been interrupted or to replace these processes with more effective ones. Similarly, because these resources can be used in a multitude of ways, firms may be able to use them to attract partners that can fill the gaps left by downsized employees and thereby soften the blow for downsizing firms. [...  ] Most important, firms planning to downsize must focus carefully on their intangible resources, rather than financial or physical ones, because they will be essential if the company loses valuable employees."

Michelle L. ZornPatricia NormanFrank C. Butler & Manjot Bhussar (2017). If You Think Downsizing Might Save Your Company, Think Again. HBR. (28.4.2017).