Is There Life After Work?

Callan, E. (2013). Is There Life After Work?, is a good question. Many works are not equal at the moment. Unemployment can concerns all of us. But career can also to suck one's dreams.

Eight months of life without a job is posted on year 2012 on blog Plain Speaking. Blog is written by  Vijay Prasanna. Jason writes up a blog named Smart Helping. There is a post named: How to live without a job. Also Jacquline Goh has written about unemployment. Name of her blog is Life without a corporate job. (Last update on June 2012) A title of one her writing is: Is there life in Singapore without a corporate job?

Timothy Tye's (2007). title is: Guide to earning a living without holding a job.

Ernie J. Zelinski is an author who has written a book named: Real Success without a Real Job: There is not life like it.

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